Sunday, May 14, 2006


There are times that we forget how exciting it is to send a package anywhere else. I guess we'll have to trust the company that is in change of the shipping. Yes, I think it's something important.
It might look like a vulgar ad, but I trust kindly in FedEx, just as I trust the room service in the motels in the outskirts of Clatskanie. After our wedding, we could stay there for some days. Later, well, we would live happily for some months and all that, just to go back to Clatskanie, to the room where we would have spent our first days together.
But now we would be a little alcoholic and would wonder if our story makes any sense (everything very dramatic, of course). I would drain my glass of Cutty Sark, you would throw at my face the divorce forms first, then the night table's lamp and, finally, I would tell you: "But honey...". You would look at me with hatred and pity. Before closing the door, one last look at the furniture. And me, there, alone, with my bottle of Cutty Sark and the FedEx package yet to be opened.


Inqui said...

Qué gran emoción me produce tu boda!
Te pido una cosa: no sigas el ejemplo de Carver.

Inqui said...

Me ha eclipsado el principio y el final del post. A ella entero, seguro. No veo el momento de que se produzca ya este gran acontecimiento.

mr. shy said...

Jo, está tardando. Es igual, el destino es el destino y boda habrá (y posterior divorcio).
Si tuvieras mi fondo de pantalla, verías a Carver como por un caleidoscopio.

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